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Valentine's Day- BEST Activity to Do with Your Long-Distance Partner?!

Another Web Search for the BEST Activity to Do with Your Long-Distance Partner?!

Have you been searching far and wide for the best date night experience with your long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend? Look no more, as the perfect activity is right under your nose! Love is most definitely in the air! Love is also online! Loving that much harder from afar? Love is everywhere! We love love! What goes perfectly with love better than candles do?! It’s a top tier combination! Making candles together as a couple could be the next hobby that you both take up and end up adoring! One of our favorite holidays at ReWax and UnWine is fast approaching. In our studio we have plenty of Valentine date activities planned. But we know we can’t forget about those who want to cozy up at home and online? Let us make your Valentine’s holiday extra sweet with the perfect gift idea and activity for every couple. In 2022 we want ALL of our favorite couples to celebrate with us! Some of those couples might have some extra miles between them. Whether your significant other is on the opposite coast, maybe he’s in another state, or she’s in another country. Maybe you are just keeping physical caution during the pandemic or staying in to avoid the overwhelming crowds (sometimes we need a break from other people that aren’t our person!). Most couples at some point in their relationship whether during dating or marriage are separated geographically. Miles apart, you have each other in one another’s heart. It’s important to strengthen and keep that loving bond going with romance, flare, and fun. We know that LDR lovers want to celebrate Valentine’s Day too. Long distance relationship partners; rejoice! Because this is the activity for you and yours! We know it’s a challenge planning the perfect surprise date for your significant other without a helper to make the order or deliver the gift/activity. ReWax and UnWine will be your very own Cupid this Valentine’s day when you order our candle making kit to be delivered directly to your home for our virtual event. On Feb 14th, the special day of love. Connect with your date to join us at 6:30 PM for a His and Hers virtual candle making party in the privacy of your own home(s). This event is for our couples who loves candles and love love too! We provide all the supplies you need for you and your baby, boo, love, sweetie, darling to cozy up from the comfort of your living space and create your very own customized candles on a special date night experience. A unique event where you and your partner are guided step by step by our trained hosts to design the most wonderful creation. Have the ultimate bragging rights amongst your friends and family when you can share the perfect virtual date experience you had together especially if it brought you together from being physically apart. Let the unique scents of our fragrance oils be a shared memory with your SO when you get to light the candle creation after it’s curing time. We are excited to celebrate lovers who are near and far this Valentine’s day. Don’t wait until it’s too late, book your experience now! This long-distance activity will be the talk of the year as we love to have a wonderful bonding occasion with our lovers!

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