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You have questions? Well we have the answer!

See answers to your frequently asked questions below.

  • What will I be making at the event?
    Organic coconut wax candles! You will be able to select your candle jar color and choose unlimited scents and decorative elements per candle. Prices vary per event, please see our bookings page.
  • How long does the event last?
    On average, our candle making parties last 2 hours at our candle studios. The first hour is dedicated to guests making their custom scented candles. Candles require 30 minutes to an hour to dry before they can be taken home. During this time, guests can play a game of candle trivia, mix and mingle, sing karaoke and receive candle care instructions. Please arrive on time for your event to allow enough time for your candle to dry.
  • What is your BYOB policy?
    You are welcome to bring wine, beer, wine coolers, champagne and seltzers. No hard liquor/shots are allowed. We will provide plastic cups and bottle openers for your convenience. Please be sure to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. We recommend 2 glasses per person or less per event.
  • What happens if I arrive late to an event?
    We strongly advise being on time to events. All events last exactly 2 hours and we have multiple scheduled events throughout the day. Guest that arrive 30 minutes late are subject to our pour and go process where you choose your scents and our host make the candles for you. Guest that arrive 45-60 minutes late will be denied service and ticket is forfeited. Tickets can not be rescheduled under 24 hours, per our rescheduling policy.
  • Can I bring food and/or snacks to the event?
    For public classes, outside food is not allowed. No exceptions. If guests do bring outside food, we must ask you to return it to your car or we can store it in the corner until the event is over. For private events: we provide a space to set up refreshments, however we do not have a full kitchen and cannot warm or store perishables. We also do not provide utensils, plates, or napkins. Please be finished before the 2 hour candle making event ends.
  • Why do I only see waitlist as an option, and what does it mean?"
    If only a waitlist option is visible the session for that date and time is sold out. Feel free to join our waitlist and if we have a cancellation we will contact you.
  • I'm booking for a group. Why can I only purchase one ticket?
    The amount or non amount of participants shown is the equivalent to the available seats left in each session. Please select another date/time or call/text 1-833-WAX-WINE for assistance.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    All events require reservations. For same day attendance availability please call/text 1-833-WAX-WINE.
  • What kind of custom scents do you offer?
    We have over 45 fragrance oils to mix within your candle. We will add or change fragrances seasonally. If you have fragrance suggestions, please let us know!
  • Are children allowed?
    This event is recommended for 21 years of age and older since customers are allowed to bring their own beverages. Children ages 10 and up are allowed but please note adults may be pouring their own drinks near their vicinity. We strongly reccomend booking an early session (12pm or 3pm) or booking a private party for a group of children.
  • Can I personalize the label on my candle?
    Yes! We hope that you make this your own. We have customizable labels to write your name, scent or name of the candle. We look forward to seeing your creative names! ​
  • I'm having trouble finding a location. Where are you located?
    Our Jersey City stuido is located at 2 Division st Jersey City NJ 07302. We are across the street from the Fire Station. Free street parking is the easiest (read signs). Allow yourself extra time for parking, event starts on time. Parking is best on Fourth and Newark ave near Prato Bakery.
  • How do I take care of my candles?
    Candle Care: Don’t burn your candle for 2 days, it’s still in the curing process. (Like wine and cheese it’s aging, we don’t sell a candle unless it’s cured for 2 weeks so they longer you wait the stronger the scent) How to Avoid Candle Wax Tunneling - Burn your candle for long enough to achieve a complete wax pool. With our jars that is 2 hours. (The size wick is key in burning distance- our Wicks burn 1 inch per hour) Trim your Wicks to a 1/4 of an inch before you light your candle. (We cut it for them to 1/4 inch) This will help continue to make the candle burn clean and slow. (Clean meaning reduced SOOT ((smoke)) & slow meaning it will not burn quickly.) Trimming Wicks will preserve your candle for a long time. If kept well it will burn for 55 hours. Extinguish candle when it reaches 1/4 of an inch to the bottom Don’t burn for more than 4 hours without trimming your wick Don’t sleep with candles lit. Don’t leave by kids, pets or drapes.
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