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Bringing Candle Making to Killeen, TX: Kelly and Jay Hunte's Journey with ReWax and UnWine


Meet Kelly and Jay Hunte, a dynamic power couple whose journey from military service to education and commercial aviation has now led them to embrace entrepreneurship with ReWax and UnWine. Inspired by a segment on the Today Show highlighting our franchise opportunities, Kelly and Jay were drawn to the unique concept of our custom candle making bar. Here’s their inspiring story of joining the ReWax and UnWine family and bringing creativity to Killeen, TX.

Military Roots and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kelly, with a background in education, and Jay, a seasoned commercial pilot, found common ground in their desire to transition from military life to something more personally fulfilling. They sought a venture that would not only engage their community but also allow them to continue serving in a different capacity — one that fosters creativity and community spirit.

Discovering ReWax and UnWine

After discovering ReWax and UnWine’s franchise opportunities, Kelly and Jay were immediately drawn to the supportive environment and comprehensive training offered to franchisees. They saw value in being surrounded by like-minded peers and fellow franchisees, which not only accelerated their learning curve but also provided a platform for sharing ideas and experiences.

Embracing the Vision

During their training, Jay was particularly impressed by Ashley Shillingford’s vision for ReWax and UnWine and its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to customers. The emphasis on creativity, personalization, and community engagement resonated deeply with Kelly and Jay, reinforcing their decision to bring this innovative concept to Killeen, TX.

Launching in Killeen, TX

Following their grand opening, Kelly and Jay are excited to introduce ReWax and UnWine’s unique candle making studio to the vibrant community of Killeen. Their studio promises not just candles, but an experience where creativity flourishes, and memories are made. By offering a space where individuals can craft their own personalized candles, Kelly and Jay aim to foster a sense of community and creativity in Killeen, TX.

Join the ReWax and UnWine Family

Kelly and Jay Hunte’s journey exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and community engagement at ReWax and UnWine. Their transition from military service to becoming franchise owners reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and community enrichment. As they embark on this new chapter in Killeen, TX, they invite you to join them in experiencing the joy of candle making and the warmth of community at ReWax and UnWine.

Experience ReWax and UnWine in Killeen, TX

Are you in Killeen, TX, and looking for a unique and creative experience? Visit Kelly and Jay Hunte at ReWax and UnWine’s custom candle making studio to unleash your creativity and create lasting memories. Join us in celebrating community, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit at ReWax and UnWine.


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