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Coconut Container Blend Slab Wax, a unique blend of coconut, soy, and food-grade paraffin waxes. This special combination results in a creamy, visually appealing wax with a fantastic scent throw.

Our Coconut wax comes in easy-to-handle 5 lb. slabs that can be quickly cut into smaller pieces for melting.


Exceptional scent throw (both cold and hot)

No frosting or bloom

Single pour for smooth tops, no need for re-pouring

Easy to work with, achieving smooth tops at various pouring temperatures

Excellent jar adhesion, no preheating required

Deep, rich colors can be achieved

No additives needed

Supports up to 10% fragrance oil (recommended at 6%)



Type: Coconut/Soy/Food Grade Paraffin Hybrid Blend

Melting Point: 121 degrees Ideal for container candles

Packaging: 5 lb. slabs, 9 slabs per case

Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1.5 oz. fragrance per pound

Recommended Pouring Temperature: 160-200 degrees

Discover the versatility and quality of our Coconut Container Blend Slab Wax, ideal for your candle-making needs.


Franchisee are not allowed to sell any products online at retail or wholesale pricing. Retail items are only allowed for sale in studio. 


Overseas inventory may require several months for delivery, so kindly allocate ample time for order placement. Regularly review your par levels to prevent stock shortages. 


Pricing adjustments may occur without prior notification. The change in price will serve as the notice, and it will be reflected on the website. 

Wax (per case)

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