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Retail $5 per pinch


Comes in 5lbs will last 1 year each rose quartz will need 10lbs per year. Offering aquamarine obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst and lapis only


Gemstone Glass Crystals – beautiful glass pieces that resemble real gemstones. Please note, these are not real gemstones, but rather delightful additions for creative projects and personal expression. Add a touch of enchantment to customer's candles for a perfect upgrade.


Franchisee are not allowed to sell any products online at retail or wholesale pricing. Retail items are only allowed for sale in studio. 


Overseas inventory may require several months for delivery, so kindly allocate ample time for order placement. Regularly review your par levels to prevent stock shortages. 


Pricing adjustments may occur without prior notification. The change in price will serve as the notice, and it will be reflected on the website. 

Crystals (add ons)

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