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  • Set of 10


    Retail $35


    Elevate your candle experience with our Candle Warmer Lamp. Designed for both elegance and practicality, this lamp is a stunning addition to any space. It not only enhances the ambiance but also offers a unique way to enjoy your favorite scents. Each lamp comes complete with two bulbs, providing exceptional value for our customers.


    Key Benefits: Elegant Design: Our Candle Warmer Lamp adds a touch of sophistication to any room, elevating its overall aesthetic. Innovative Candle Warming: Instead of traditional candle lighting, this lamp gently warms the candle from the top, releasing the aroma without an open flame. Versatile Use: Ideal for various candle sizes, making it perfect for any space. No Smoke or Soot: Enjoy the fragrance without the byproducts of burning, such as smoke and soot. Efficient and Safe: With two included warming bulbs and dimmable on and off switch so your customers are ready to use and experience the benefits right away. Enhance your customers' spaces and candle experiences with our Candle Warmer Lamp. It's an elegant, innovative, and safe way to enjoy the scents you love.


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    Candle Lamp Warmer

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