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Virtual Events Are Here to Stay! (at least for now)

Many things are easily accessible online. You can order food, buy things and clothing, remote classes for students, and many are working from their homes currently! Did you know ReWax and UnWine offers virtual events and at home candle making kits? Our virtual studio is incredibly versatile. Maybe your COVID risk tolerance is limited to interactions with people solely in your home and essential needs such as grocery. Whether you have a corporate group that needs a little team boost or a best friend who lives in a different part of the country, you can do a virtual candle making experience to come together and get re-connected! Here’s what you can expect when you book a virtual candle making experience with us.

There is no need to come into our in person studio because you can have a full experience relaxed at home. First off, you’ll order a candle making kit that will be delivered right to your front door! This also serves as a great idea for a gift for loved ones that may live farther from you than you’d like them to. Our kits include everything you’ll need to create the perfect candle at home. If it’s your first time making a candle at home you’ll find our Starter Kit to be perfect for you. Inside the kit you’ll find organic coconut wax, two pre-tabbed wicks, two 9oz Jars, a thermometer, wax melting pouring pot for double boiling, two flutter dyes, wooden wick bar holders, wick setting straw, stirring stick, an EASY TO FOLLOW instruction sheet, burning instruction labels, and two 15ml fragrance oils that you get to choose (from our wide variety of fragrance oils)! If you’ve ordered a kit before and have the supplies feel free to order a kit without the extra tools to do this fun quarantine activity with different friends again.

Ordering your kit is the first step, after that you’ll book the date and time that you want to have your at home candle making experience! Pour the drinks, set the vibe, and get ready to have a great time. No need to order a car service, the drinks keep coming and you can even roll into bed when you’ve completed your candle if you’d like. One of our amazing SCENT-ologist hosts will explain everything in your kit, guide you step by step, and answer any questions you have about candle making. They will also keep the fun going by challenging you with great trivia questions and provide information for how to best care for your candles after they are complete.

Safety is very important to us at ReWax and UnWine. There’s no safer way to enjoy our candle making experience then from the comfort of your own homes. So call your friend who you haven’t caught up with in a while or surprise them and plan this fun candle making IN-ing with the luxury of not having to step outside your home, except to accept your incoming package of our candle making kit! Book directly for virtual events at

Not a fan of a DIY [do it yourself] and making it yourself not for you? We believe you can do it but instead feel free to have a pre-made candle sent straight to your home with the only the best fragrances you love! Curate and build your own candles to be sent directly to your home!

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