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Valentine’s Day 2020: Five Reasons Why Candle Making Is Your Go To

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

By: Arbed

As we have officially embarked on the new decade many race their fingers to type into their search engines  unique things to do on Valentine’s Day 2020.You can already smell the bouquets of fresh cut roses, heart shaped chocolates and oversized teddy bears creeping around the corner. The thought of Valentine’s Day can seem frightening or daunting to most. The stress of getting “the” perfect gift and/or the pressure of creating an unforgettable date night can literally take the romance and fun out of it all. This year that definitely won’t be you. No need to look any further. Gain major points by reserving your spot at a candle making event for the special day. We all would love outdoing ourselves from last year. I mean who doesn’t like wooing their partner? Or even setting the standard with a new love interest? You might even be thinking of a cool idea for a girls night or perhaps an Anti-Valentine’s Day party with your single friends just to get a kick out of it.

All in all, it comes down to living your best life!

Here are five amazing reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020 making candles is an absolute must.

Creating Something Together

After all, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. It will be beautiful and romantic for couples making a candle in each other’s presence. It can expand on friendships while simultaneously making you feel accomplished. Like, look what I just made! It’s creative, fun and vibrant.


Who doesn’t want to become closer to the person(s) we love? Enjoying the entire candle making experience will blow your Valentine’s Day expectations right out the water. Between the captivating aromas and the relaxing atmosphere, one cannot help but fall in love with the process of making a candle. Creating deeper connections is what an activity like this can help make your day even more special.

Try Something New!

It’s all about new beginnings. A new decade,a new year, a new experience. Thinking out of the box is fun. Everyone loves trying new things. The excitement alone will make it memorable. Now you’d be able to add candle maker to your already highly skilled resume.

Love Souvenir

The best part about attending a candle making event on Valentine’s Day,  is that you can physically take home a representation of your love, a love souvenir if you will. You’ll have a constant reminder of your fabulous night at your candle making event. A memento in your home that will stimulate a sensory memory.


Whether it may be your first Valentine’s Day together or simply just one simply unmatched,: who doesn’t love creating memories? Having something you can look back on years to come say, wow we really did that.We all know today all memories don’t only live in our heads, they live online. Leave with an abundance of Instagrammable moments for all to get jealous of.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2020 with candle making. Thank me later!

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