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Our First Franchisee Expected to Open Summer 2023

We are proud to announce the opening of our first franchisee this summer 2023 in New Jersey! Franchisees Ania Jean and Kenny Ulysse from Cabanodo, LLC announce business venture with ReWax & UnWine.

Our CEO, Ashley Shillingford, shared with the press:

“Ania called to schedule her birthday party at our studio. She noticed we recently announced our franchise opportunity and immediately called her business partner, Kenny, to see if this would fit into their future goals,” recalled Ashley Shillingfod, CEO and founder of ReWax and UnWine. “They completed the franchise inquiry form and our franchise development team closed them quickly! We met them for the first time at Discovery Day, and we connected very well. We are all driven, all love business strategy, and have a passion for a good party! They are determined go-getters that love building wealth.”

Shillingford and her team opted to develop ReWax and UnWine into a franchise after seeing local success. Together with a professional franchising firm, ReWax and UnWine has laid out an aggressive sales strategy for 2023. The company has already awarded two additional franchise locations in Fort Mills, South Carolina, and Buford, Georgia, both of which are next in line to open.

Are you an entrepreneurial go-getter with a passion for fun and community? Contact us today to start your very own ReWax and Unwine franchise. Be your own boss in 2023!

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