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A successful Franchise is about providing support every step of the way.

91% vs 47%: A Big Difference in Success

The most recent International Franchise Association (IFA) study on franchising in the United States reveals that after 5 years in business, the success rate for franchised businesses was 91%, compared to 47% for non-franchised businesses.

It also reveals that there are an estimated 733,000 franchise establishments operating in the United States. With so many franchise options, how can you be sure that you are investing in a safe business?

The commitment that no one makes to their franchises

Unlike other franchises, at ReWax & UnWine we are 100% transparent and committed to our partners and customers.

We have at your disposal our supportive team of professionals who are experts in every area of the business. They are trained to guide you every step of the way since a successful franchise means a successful company overall! Click here to know more about our business.

Our Support Team's impact on your business

Marketing & Sales

Everything you need to own a consistent brand that generates consistent sales.

  • Promotional Channels: Social media, Email marketing, Location management, Advertising, SEO, and more.

  • Standard brand guidelines: logo, fonts, colors, business culture.

  • Content creators who play with photo and video content for your communications.

  • Personalized website for bookings, invoices, analytics, and more.

Human Resources

Our human resource is as important as our final customer.

  • Detailed guidelines on how to select your staff and train them.

  • Online, virtual, and in-person training techniques before your grand opening.

  • Training includes: marketing, product selection, inventory management, customer service, technology, bookings, retail sales, and personnel organization (how to lead events, safety tips, cleaning techniques, etc.)

Event Production

We are detail-oriented

  • Full-service business workflows to build customer-centric experiences.

Financial Support

A critical aspect of any business. We guide you to allocate your resources efficiently and optimize your profitability.

  • Methods of funding and financial reporting.

  • Detailed investment guide: fixtures, furniture, inventory, grand opening, training, licenses, permits, etc.

Experience the ReWax & UnWine difference. Begin your franchise journey today!

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