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5 Hottest Corporate Event Ideas for Fall 2019

Are you a company executive that is looking for ideas for your next corporate event?

Here's a list of 5 popular team building activities for improving company morale.

Corporate event activity with candle making
Team building candle making event

Beginning to see some sagging shoulders around the workplace? Sounds like it's a

great opportunity to host a team-building corporate event.

Corporate events are an incredible method to encourage employee morale and allow employees to become better acquainted with each other. Furthermore, they're

extremely fun.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you are interesting in getting some ideas for your next corporate event. Look no further for 7 of the hottest corporate event ideas for Fall 2019.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great for team building. You can create a scavenger hunt yourself,

or join a scavenger hunt event hosted by another company. Your group will have lots of

fun exploring a city searching for clues. No doubt that you will have a lot of awesome

pictures and lots of memories from this event.

2. Cook-Off

Going to a cooking class or having a Top Chef-style cook-off is a great way to bond as a

team. Making new dishes together requires imagination and will require everybody to

test their abilities and work together. You can take your team and break them into

groups, and challenge each group to prepare something flavorful. The dish could be

anything from dessert, to salsa, to pizza. One fun curve you could include? Pick a single

ingredient that all groups must utilize like Master Chef.

3. Painting Class

Another corporate event idea take a painting class together. There are several

companies that host painting classes by lead by artists for people of all skill levels. Your

company can all practice your artist skills painting on canvases. It's an incredible

method to give your colleagues a chance to loosen up, make up for lost time over drinks

and refreshments. Go ahead express your creativity.

4. Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinners are awesome for team bonding. Over dinner is your team can connect

with each other. You can give away rewards to celebrate members of the team. Mystery

dinners allow you to have fun and work together to solve a mystery.

There are many organizations that host mystery dinners or your company can buy a

mystery dinner kit that comes with the story and props. This two methods make it simple

to have a mystery dinner for your next corporate event.

5. Candle Making

Employees can make their very own candles from organic coconut wax and a plethora fragrance oils, crafting

their candles to suit their taste.

It's two hours of pouring, mixing, blending, and partying! Your team will get to layer all of their chosen fragrances and decorate their finished candles. By the end of the night your whole team will have candles that they can bring home or give away as gifts.

When you pick a date for your corporate event with us, all you and your team need to do is arrive and have a great time! We take care of the rest—

event space, candle making supplies, jars and fragrance oils.

We hope this article provided you with some great ideas for your next corporate event, that will improve your company culture and allow you to thank your employees for their

hard work.

Furthermore, what better way to be the best place to work than with rewarding your employees with a fun night out a few times a year?

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