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Bridal Shower Candle Making Bar

ReWax & UnWine candle making bar is the perfect way to entertain and excite your guests, male and female, young and old!!

Treat them with the creation of their own unique scent blended natural candle, on the spot. Get a glimpse at what it takes to make your own candle and walk away with a beautiful and distinct aroma that is yours and yours alone.

Scentologist set up our portable Candle Making Bar in any given space (8x8), entertaining in an intimate setting such as an evening bridal shower cocktail hour or a full scale event with a crowd of hundreds, like a wedding or an engagement party!

The Candle Making Bar is set up so that guests can continue to mix and mingle with others, this is not a sit down session.

Candle Bar Price Starts at $29 per candle + Staff Fee + Off Site Fee + Custom Jar Labels


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