Influencer Agreement

THIS INFLUENCER MARKETING AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is entered into on the date set forth in the signature page hereof by and between Rewax and Unwine, having an address at 2 Division Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (“Brand, “We”), and ___________________ (“Influencer”, “You,” “Your”). Company and Influencer may sometimes be referred to herein as a Party or collectively as the Parties.

Purpose of the Agreement: ReWax and UnWine desires to collaborate with influencer for Brand’s Soft Opening Influencer Event and Campaign.

Description of Services: During the term (as defined below,) Influencer agrees to provide to Brand the following services:

  • 2-4 Instagram Story Posts or Go Live, Before The End of the Event

  • Instagram Reel or TikTok (15-30 seconds)

  • Instagram Timeline Feed Post – We highly encourage a giveaway post. You have the opportunity to giveaway one ticket to our in studio candle making experience.

  • Share raw images and videos created during event to Brand’s email at

Giveaway Details: If Influencer opts in to do a giveaway, Influencer agrees to provide Brand with the following terms:

  • Audience must follow both Influencer and ReWax and UnWine

  • Audience must tag friend in comment section

  • Audience must share giveaway on Instagram Story with #rewaxandunwine

  • A coupon code will be provided to Influencer for winner

Engagement: Influencer, as of social media handles:

@______________________, agrees to create and promote content for Brand on these channels and platforms. Influencer will do her/his best job to create engaging content that meets the goals of the campaign. 

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